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Make your own project LED lamp decoration with Arduino Pro Mini

Part list:
1. Arduino Pro Mini
2. IR module
3. 5VDC power supply set
4. Lamp base with LED PCB multi color (RBG)
5. Acrylic panel (as your chosen)

Price tag:
Basic price for 1 package (exclude transportation fee to your country): 12.9USD

How to purchase:
1. Contact me via email with quantity, chosen acrylic panel, address of your country
2. I will reply with specific price (LED lamp set + transportation)
3. You transfer money via Paypal
4. I send package to you and keep tracking until you get it


  1. These lamps look very futuristic, it will be a perfect choice to present such to a teenager that is interested in sci-fi.

  2. I suppose that you will be able to demonstrate how they work and how durable these lamps are. Thank you very much for the created article.


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