Arduino project

Raspberry project

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Remote desktop is useful when Raspberry can be in normal operation when NO monitor, keyboard, mouse connected to.
Of course a laptop or PC is needed to connect to Raspberry. High speed of laptop/PC will help us to search on web faster than using in Raspberry.
Using Teamviewer is a good way for remote desktop

Step 1. Install Teamviewer in Raspberry
Go to Teamviewer website to take installer to Raspberry

Install Teamviewer by going to Download folder and lick to it for installation

Step 2. Open Teamviewer to take ID and password

Step 3. Install Teamviewer on PC and access to Raspberry

One more thing is resolution screen of Raspberry small, can't get enough space for working. However, screen can be extend in here:

Un-comment following config:

Screen has more space now:


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