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Even though Raspberry website already mention about this way, this article will summarize in steps:

Step 1. Download Operating system NOOBS (Link here) -> then unzip the file
Step 2. Prepare a mini SD card (at least 4GB)
Step 3. Download "SD Card Formatter" (Link here) -> install on Window
Step 4. Put mini SD card to Window through card reader -> Use "SD Card Formatter" to format the card with following setting
Note: be careful with SD card drive letter, if choosing wrong, it may destroy other HDD

Step 5. Copy all file of NOOBS (already unzip on Step 1) to min SD Card

Step 6. Put card to Raspberry, power it on, connect Rasp with Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse -> then follow instruction to install OS
After about 1 hour, Rasp is ready to run.

Reference link
Raspberry Pi install operating system

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