Arduino project

Raspberry project

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$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install motion
$ sudo apt-get install libv4l-0
$ sudo apt-get install uvccapture

$ gedit /etc/default/motion
change "start_motion_daemon yes" (from "no")
$ gedit /etc/motion/motion.conf
daemon on (from "off")
stream_localhost off (from "on")
framerate 100 (from "2")
stream_maxrate 10 (from "1")
$ service motion start
$ motion start 

In order to stop:
$ motion stop
$ service motion stop

Open web browser, input address:
(note: is Raspberry IP address)

Here we go:

View camera on Internet
Port forwarding for Router
Come in with user: admin / password: (back side of Router)
Configure as below picture (where is Raspberry IP)

Come to site: to check if the port is opened or not
If yes, then Google router IP address (ex:
Open web browser, type: ---> the camera can view through Internet around the world!

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  1. Very helpful thanks! Is there a way to make the motion display window larger or with better resolution?

  2. I can't stream on web browser... What's go wrong..?

    1. Hi, you did as above instruction? Please try more

  3. Is this solution ONVIF compliant? I want to use other ONVIF viewers with multiple cameras so good or bad, I'm seeking ONVIF solution.

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  8. Does this work with a raspberry pi 2

    Can this be configured to give out its own wifi network?

    1. This project is done at Rasp Pi2. At end of article, you even view Camera through Internet by Port forwarding.

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    1. Sorry, i didnt get your mean so much. This just shows cam into Network, not for recording

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  15. Any tutorial on motion? The analysis is awful.

  16. If the port not open,How open it?

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