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One day, i would like to make Microscope to see small thing for curious. After trying many way as instruction on Internet, i found the way make a Microscope by webcam which i bought it many years ago, on flea market.
This webcam is not wellknown Manufacturer, but it is not difficult to find driver for it. I just open Hardware Manager in my computer, then Win7 OS find its driver automatically on Internet. The webcam software viewer i used is CTSCameraViewer which is also easy to use.
The only thing making wc to become Microsope is just extending its lens. That's all!
My first try is to view the Monitor, it's amazing when the wc can see a pixel.

The result is not bad
As i calculate, the monitor has resolution 1440 pixel for the width with actual length 410mm
So, 1mm will have 1440/410=3.51 pixel
1 pixel contain 3 cells (green, yellow, blue)
So, 1mm will have 3.51*3=10.53 cells
It means, 1 cells is 1/10.53=0.0949mm=94um
That's a good new of my Microscope because it can see up to 94um. Further more, a half of cell i also can see, it is 94/2=47um

I try again with a piece of Onion, amazing that i can see Onion cell

My desiration is not stopping here, i will try to find the way to upgrade it to see smaller thing
Let's wait.

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