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   Hello. After installing successful android into mini2440 board yesterday, I would love to share what I have done even it is quiet easy. If you already knew the process porting linux for mini2440 (if not? You should look here), it will be very easy to install android for it because you just replace kernel (zImage) and file system.
   You are impatient and want to see how android run on your mini2440 right now? No problem, just download kernel and file system here, then install it as you installed linux on mini2440 before. I think I should summarize install routine again. First, turn switch S2 near the word NOR (or near the edge), then open dnw and Hyper Terminal in windowXP. You should format NAND memory first with [x] and [f] option; after that,  choose [v] to load super vivi or vboot, then choose [k] to load zImage_android (as name in file downloaded above), and lastly select [y] to port mini2440T35_android.img (as name in file downloaded above). Okay, it is done now. Reset the board and have fun with android (However, in my opinions, there is no funny with android except sliding as in iPhone). And one more thing, you should use some buttons on mini2440 board to exit applications or something like that (Using buttons make me have to unscrew screen, I do not like this at all, I would love my mini2440 in one block).

    If you are curious and want to cross-compile android, okay, then you should have a look instructions below.

1. Download zImage and file system in raw type (not cross-compile already) here and copy it into /usr/local/android/, then extract them all (by command, e.g. $ tar -zxvf android-fs_20090825.tgz), you will get something like figure below:

2. Cross-compile kernel:

$ cd /usr/local/android/kernel/
$ cp config_mini2440 .config
$ make menuconfig

After this command, you will get something like this picture, just "exit" it.

$ make zImage
It will take you about 8 minutes to build up everything. Your zImage will be located in /usr/local/android/kernel/arch/arm/boot/

3. Cross-compile file system:

$ cd /usr/local/android/fs/
$ gedit default.prop
Change those lines, if you want your android is in English, instead of Chinese: = CN
persist.sys.language = zh

into = US
persist.sys.language =en

$ cd /usr/local/android/
$ mkyaffs2image-128M fs/ mini2440T35_android.img
 Your file system which has name mini2440T35_android.img is located in /usr/local/android/

Okay, it is finished now. You can use your kernel and file system to install into mini2440. Good luck.

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