Arduino project

Raspberry project

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1. Make a Microscope
   1.1. How to make microscope by webcam (Part 1)
   1.2. How to make microscopy by webcam (Part 2)

2. Laser diode driver
   2.1. Driver circuit 

3. Supply LED with 220VAC
   3.1. Circuit

4. Raspberry
   4.1. IP Webcam
   4.2. Remote light switch
   4.3. Control GPIO from Phone
   4.4. Remote control camera
   4.5. How to use sftp
   4.6. Install qt-creator
   4.7. Install heat sink for Raspberry PCB
   4.8. Battery for Raspberry
   4.9. Raspberry - production comparison
   4.10. Make remote control camera by car
   4.11. Install FFmpeg and stream to local web
   4.12. Make paper case for Raspberry PCB
   4.13. Install operation for Raspberry
   4.14. Remote desktop configure
   4.15. Troubleshooting: Raspberry Pi get stuck at login screen

5. Arduino
   5.1. Motor position control
   5.2. Motor speed control (PID algorithm)
   5.3. Motor speed control (PWM)
   5.4. Serial communication between Arduino and Visual Studio C++
   5.5. Serial communication example
   5.6. Program Arduino by COM port

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